mini shower

once a month, 'the scrapbook ladies' (julie, sandra, paula, lauri and i) have a potluck dinner to take a break during our all day scrap day. we pick a theme (or not) and each bring something to share.

this month we had a mini-theme.
and a surprise baby shower for julie :)
we all brought mini food. (except julie who wasnt in on the theme... she brought a delicious lemon dessert to her own party ;)i made onesie cookies :)
id been waiting for the perfect excuse to make these!!(i have some extra cutouts in my freezer, and frosting ready to go... if anyone is having a baby shower soon and needs some hand crafted sugar cookie goodness, let me know!)

and here is the mommy-to-be with 2 adorable little helpers :)our april scrapbook potluck is set, maybe a baby will be joining us? or we may just have to wait till may :)


Anonymous said...

Everything was so delicious. I can't thank everyone enough. It was a great surprise.


Krysty said...

Adorable cookies Jen!! Looks like a fun time! Glad you pulled it off!

Rorie said...

Those onesie cookies are so adorable! You are just so creative. :)

Tammy said...

I like any foods in mini-form. Total sucker for them!! And the onesie cookies are just about the cutest things ever!!

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