the day my kitchen...

the day my kitchen looked like this...
february 16. (must have been another snow day.)
oh. there's more.i normally make a new meal on valentine's day.
the 14th was on a sunday this year.
this year valentine weekend was spent doing some important things. (being with a dear friend in the hospital and visiting with a guest at our house.)
so the 'tradition' of a new meal was put off until it could be had.
which happened to be two days later, on the 16th.

we started off with a recipe from my new cookbook :)
(thanks mom and dad!)

chicken spaghetti. yummmm.
and another recipe from the same cookbook :)
and then we served our 'traditional' red velvet cake.
(it was out of the box this year, only because i had already bought the box... but next year it will be from scratch as there is a recipe for it in my new cookbook :)
dave and i still have not had our official valentine's date night of a movie and a meal other than fast food :) we will get to it. its nice to spread out the love...


Rorie said...

Joey saw that cake and said that we need to make it for his birthday this year. It looks absolutely delicious!

Katie said...

What fun!

Swedish Mama said...


Anonymous said...

Spaghetti looks really good. KarenR

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