food and pics

lilly had a snow day last week, and we attempted a little outing.

cohen wasnt too impressed with the snow in his face, though he liked crawling in the snow. the little suit he is wearing is a hand me down that we are borrowing from my aunt. it is the best little thing ever. easy to put on, and keeps the little man toasty. we get so many compliments on it, and it makes me less nervous to take him out in the cold weather.

as most of you know, i love to cook. i would cook something special every night if that were possible. recently, ive taken to photographing the foods that i am especially happy about having made. it's fun, and dave hasn't rolled his eyes at me yet :) plus, food always has a story with it, and i love having stories to share.

i've started the tradition of special valentine's meal and dessert...
i believe this is the 3rd year... maybe the 4th?

i made lemon chicken, and eggrolls.

...and a red velvet layered cake for dessert. the cake is the real tradition. one year i found a box on clearance, probably for 50 cents or something, so i created something fun and now it's become part of our valentine tradtion!
i told dave not to get me anything for valentine's, but he didn't listen. like normal :)

he got me purple tulips, and huge box of my favorite chocolates, and a mix CD of songs from The OC. he is a sweet boy.

so, the next day... cupid got him season one and two of The OC, since they were on sale at Target :) i figured since our little man is named from a character on the show, that it would be perfectly acceptable for me to buy them. i will be on the lookout for seasons 3 and 4 to be on sale :)

here is a pic of the little monkeys this morning...

have a great week everyone!


Betty said...

Wow! that food looks so yummy!and the cake looks increduble insane!
You must share the recipe as well. I love to cook as well, and love to take pictures of evething, even last night Delany say to me "Mommy, you took to many pictures, take a break" I guess she is right ja,ja,ja,...
Have a great Sunday

Katie said...

I do so love the OC - music included. Love the pics. The kids are growing fast.

denise said...

Wow! Your meal looked yummy! Fun dishes too:)

ali said...

wow! Can I be your valentine? Great pictures of everything! I take pictures of food too!

Janelle said...

Great pictures, Jen, and your dinner looks yummy!

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