a bazillion photos.

im not much for making resolutions. but....

i am more than 6 months behind on pictures. (as in organzing them.)
there are over 400 pictures on the new camera...
i am about a year behind in scrapping. (that is another story.)

starting this year, i have given myself a challenge.

the 1st of every month... i will transfer, sort, save and print the previous month's photos.

im not off to a bad start... i at least got all of december and january's pics off the camera.

i have jotted down all the pictures that i want printed from june 2007-january 2008.
i need to download them online, and have them printed.

from there i hope to get them into photo albums, and whenever i am caught up on the photos that have already been printed to scrap, i will print new ones to scrap.

sounds like a plan to me.

and now, in honor of the kajillion photos that i would like printed, here are a bunch of pictures.

from our runny nose and coughing house to yours... have a great weekend!


Janelle said...

Good luck with your goals!

Love all the pics of the kiddos! :)

Rorie said...

Those goals sound like a very good thing to do and I'd love to see more of your pages too. I've scraplifted from you pretty frequently. :)
Hope all the runny noses and coughs go away soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen!

I love the pics! 1 more thing to add to your list of to do's.... I would like a copy of the picture with us and the kids. I love it!!! So cute! No hurry though, I can wait. I hope you have a great weekend, I know I am planning on it!!

denise said...

Beautiful pictures Jen! I think your plan for getting your pics downloaded, sorted, and printed is great. As I write this I am downloading my 800 some pics from the past few months. Your idea makes me a tad less overwhelmed. I should follow in your footsteps!

Katie said...

good luck getting all those photos printed. I was a little behind but I've caught up.

Betty said...

Love the pictures of your kids, I do understand what you mean about behind with the croping, I am too but I try to keep a journal of my favorites photos in this way I won't forget what I want to express at the time when I will scrapbook. Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures.
HAve a great weekend!

erin said...

Your plan sounds great. Better than what I have going on. I might need to steal your idea! Cute, cute pics of the kids!

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