embroidery things

here are several pics of some things ive made over the last few months. most are gifts that i gave out, some are 'special orders' from friends and family.

i know people are going to ask... "when do you have the time?"
ah..... i find time. (i have to. crafting is my therapy.) it's usually when the kids are in bed, and/or on the weekends dave usually gives me some free mommy hours :)

and... i set up another (yes, another) blog as a little 'shop'.
there are more pictures there too! baby stuff and totes.

here it is... Jen Stitches

thanks for viewing!


Betty said...

Wow! you are so creative. Love the burp clothes. Beautiful job Jen. I will keep you in mind if I need a gift.

Janelle said...

Those are all so neat, Jen!

erin said...

I love the snowman towel and tote bag you made for me and the towels you did for Chad are perfect! I will definitely be ordering more soon!

ali said...

I love the gray towel with the c... so classy!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job! It all looks great! I also think the gray towel with the C is really classy!


rmeyfe said...

I love the placemat!! Very pretty!!

Katie said...

lovely stuff.

Stephanie said...

Love your stuff!!

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