i'm still here.
we survived the holidays, i havent blogged since then!
dave is recovering well from his surprise apendectomy.
we got a new camera, and i still take tons of pics though my scrapping is pretty much non-existant these days.
ive been busy with all the kids, and been having fun stitching in all my enormous amounts of 'free' time.
below are some recent pics, but i may backtrack a bit in upcoming posts so that you can see christmas pics too.

lilly requested mashed potatoes as her snack for pre-school a few weeks back. never thought i'd be making mashed pototes at 7:30 in the morning, but we were making mashed potatoes before the sun came up!
here is the little man posing for his 9 month picture :)

and miss lilly looking for a little limelight.

cohen loves his sippy and this is how he always drinks from it. goof.

ok.. that is it for now, but i am hoping to blog much more often.
we will see if life agrees with that idea :)
have a great week everyone!


Janelle said...

Lilly and Cohen are just so adorable... and are getting big FAST!

Rorie said...

Welcome back Jen! :) Wow, Cohen is growing up sooo fast! You were the one who inspired me to take the monthly pictures of my kids, kudos to you!

erin said...

Such fun pics! Cohen is getting so big!

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