happy heart day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lilly (with not much help from mommy) made her school Valentines using a Mandarin Pixie stamp.

She's been working very hard on writing her name... and learning how to write 'Y' has proven to be very frustrating (for all of us), but she is getting the hang of it!

We were all doing a happy dance when she wrote this one all by herself!

and looky here... we figured out how to record and post videos!!!
very exciting :) you know you'll be seeing more of these!
(don't mind the little bit of spit up that cohen swallows... hehhe. oh my, i just love these little people.)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I miss seeing these adorable kids! They are growing up. Winter keeps me inside so it seems like it has been forever since I've seen them. They are so, so cute!

Christine :)

Betty said...

The video is adorable, Lilly looks so mature and Cohen happy sweet boy. Regarding "Y" Delany also has a little bit of problems with that letter funny ah!.
If you have questions about videos or how to download it in goggle private and keep your own record on line I can tell you, it is pretty easy.

Janelle said...

Simply adorable! Happy Valentine's Day to you all! :)

April said...

aww, so cute! i can;t believe how fat they're growing up!

April said...

ok, so i apparently can't type very well today....they're not growing up fat, but fast! :)

Katie said...

they are getting so big and look at lilly writing her name and stuff. TOO COOL!

denise said...

It's so fun to hear and see the kids in action:) Lilly did a wonderful job on her Valentine's! She is writing so well too!

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