Hey now.

I never said that I would never join facebook, I just said… “ I keep in touch with just who I want to via this blog :) No need to add to my already time consuming blogging.”
Never is a strong word.
Use it sparingly.
I did say that I would never own a mini-van.
And I do say that my kids never sleep in.

(So I guess there are exceptions to every rule.)
(though they've only slept in 1 day in their whole entire lives.)
(well, what i would call sleeping in...)
(and at least it's a cool mini-van)
(since when did those 2 words go together?)

and some off topic pics ;)


Tammy said...

Glad you're enjoying spring break ... and your new account on Facebook :) It definitely sucks away your time, but in a good way.

Rorie said...

Kinda funny how people have such strong reactions to minivans and now they own them. My brother-in-law - their family now owns one. My hubby - we are now looking at one. It's just a rite of passage, I guess.

Krysty said...

I think that "Eating your own words" was part of the job description when we became mothers! :-) I've done it a lot! But it's always worth it! LOL

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