$1.00 fun

a friend introduced me to a 'new-to-me' website just yesterday.
and already im loving it :)

look what i got for $1.00
50 of these...
super cute.
family cards :)
(of course way cuter without everything blurred)
there were a ton of fun ones to choose from, these worked for me.
i didnt stress over it.
i filled in all the info i wanted... not necessarily what the form wanted.  (yes, i could probably make them...  but it would cost way more than a dollar of my time!)
plus, i love getting things in the mail :)

just today i wrote out all my numbers for a mom.
now ill just be able to hand these out when needed!
if i dont feel too cheesy using them.
we shall see :)

here is the info on how to get 50 for just $1.00
just wanted to share, as i can think of a few of you reading who just might enjoy having their own ;)
not sure how long it lasts, so move fast!

enjoy ;)
and make sure you send me one if you get some made up!


arminda said...

I love these! :) They're called Mommy cards right? I've seen them and have considered making some. Gonna go grab some I think! Thanks! :)

arminda said...

Just had to say I ordered mine! :) Yippee! I will send ya one! :)

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