friday night and onesies

ah. its friday night.
we had pizza for dinner. yum.
dave took the christmas lights down. now that the snow has melted.
went to bed bath and beyond.
stopped at the pet store.
did a quick embroidery project.

we really know how to have a good time.
im so awesome, im blogging on a friday night.
(actually, ive been blogging every other day for while now, so i dont want to break my streak.... and it just happens to be friday night)

next topic.

here are the onesie cookies. again ;)
step by step.
i am in love with them.

1.outline (let sit at least 45 minutes)

2. flood the cookies. (let sit a good 3 hours. even longer is better if you are patient.) (i found a bottle for flooding... yay!! much easier than last time.)3. decorate4. take pictures.
my aunt asked if id bring sugar cookies for Easter.
they just may be onesie Easter cookies ;)
for real.

enjoy your weekend!


Jen said...

Those are so adorable! I'm throwing a baby shower in a couple of weeks for a friend and I wish I lived closer to you so I could pay you to make some for me! So, so cute.

Mary said...

You had a wild Friday night compared to us...we were in bed at 9 : )I love seeing all your projects/food. The scrapbook pages are amazing...I wish I had a tenth of your talent!!

Jen said...

Your cookies always turn out adorable - I am very intimidated by cookie decorating. You make it sound easy...we'll see if I get up the nerve to try it!

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