i have a stack (or 2) of scrapbook pages to go into albums. and i will be adding to that stack today.
i get to scrap all day :)
(and have a scrapbook ladies potluck.)
2 of my favorite things... yay!

here are some pages from my latest crops...
(again, i wish i had a 12x12 scanner)
(these pics on the carpet will just have to do...)
have a wonderful weekend!
enjoy the sun!


April said...

i love that you do this. we just had a conversation a few nights ago that so many friends' kids will never have photo albums b/c of digital cameras. i always loved looking through the photo album at grandma's. i think once baby comes, we'll have to make sure we print pictures and start scrapping...maybe i'll have to make a trip to columbus for some lessons :)

Janelle said...

Wonderful pages, Jen!

Jen said...

Your pages are fabulous! It is hard to pick a favorite...but I loved the one with the camera. : )

Anonymous said...

Great pages.

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