Potato Soup with Rivals

Karen R’s grandma’s recipe

Diced potatoes (1 lg. per person) we add a couple more than that.
1/2-1 c. chopped celery (optional)
1 sm. onion, chopped

Cook the potatoes, celery and onion in enough water to cover. When soft, do not drain. Add milk to make adequate broth. Bring just to a boil and add rivels.

Directions for Rivels:
Rivels: Mix 1 egg per 1 cup flour with a teaspoon of salt, with fingers until mixture is crumbly (about the size of marbles or a little smaller). Drop into above soup, stirring often. Simmer about 15 minutes or until cooked through, may cook longer if they are larger we did a little bit smaller. If you have a large pan of soup, you may want to double rivels recipe. Garnish each bowl with fresh chopped parsley. My grandma was a big parsley fan. We have done without parsley too.

We also add toasted 1 inch bread cubes to the soup too. But could be left out if you don't like them.
Directions for 1-inch bread cubes:
Melt 1 stick oleo/butter like parkay in a black iron skillet.
Add 4-5 pieces of bread that has been cut into 1 inch pieces.
Brown pieces until brown to your liking.
Stir browned pieces in just before serving.

Jen's modifications:
I threw 3 chicken bouillon cubes in with the water, potatoes and celery for just a bit more flavor. I added extra milk to the soup to thin it out the night we had it for dinner. I had made it in the morning, so it had thickened up quite a bit. The next day I had it for lunch, and the leftovers were thick and delicious!


Daphne said...

This is a staple around house; almost our dinner for tonight ... WE LOVE POTATO SOUP WITH RIVELS! :-)

Krysty said...

My family has always added the rivels too and I LOVE it...unfortunately the rest of my family doesn't. :-( Yum!!!

Rorie said...

I've never heard of rivels before. The whole recipe sounds absolutely delicious.

Anonymous said...

Cool so neat to see the recipe on your blog. Cool soup bowl too.

Swedish Mama said...

I love good potato soup. I add chopped carrots for color and flavor.

Anonymous said...

My mom made it like that except she put carrots n Bacon she'd fry up n use the Bacon grease n throw the Bacon in now dad would use Ham hocks n no milk liked both of them

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