My Life People ~Meet Karen!~

Another segment of My Life People!
The 7th segment to be specific...
meet Karen :)
1. How do you know me?
Through IDOS scrapbooking. Found out also my mom knew your dad through work and my nephew was on your dad's baseball team that he coached Key Bank I think. It's a small world.

2. What is your most remembered Halloween costume?
When I was kid it was a homemade cleaning lady costume. Recent one is jack o lantern my niece and nephew made me and witch costume.

3. If you could meet one person in history, who would it be and why?
Vivien Thomas the pioneer Dr. who discovered how to fix heart problems. You can watch a movie about him called Something the Lord Made. The next person would be Mother Teresa. She was so giving and endured a lot.

4. Which girls scout cookie(s) could you eat an entire box of by yourself?
Mint Chocolate or tag alongs or the shortbread cookies.

5. What do you want for your birthday?
Gift cards to Hobby Lobby or Joanns besides good heath for family and friends My birthday is kind of far away right now at the end of July.

My notes on Karen:
In 2001-ish, I started posting on an online scrapping site. I 'met' Karen on that site, and we soon realized that she lived in my hometown! We started chatting through there, and eventually we met in real life. Now I feel like she is a part of my family! Karen is one of the sweetest people that I know. She is a great friend... kind and thoughtful. She is also wonderful to her many nieces and nephews. She is so proud of each of them and loves her job as a professional Aunt :) She is a very dedicated scrapbooker, and she keeps albums for the kids. I think her camera is always by her side :) I don't think I have ever seen Karen without a smile, and she has a wonderful giggle that goes right along with that grin. Even after dealing with some pretty heafty surgeries and recoveries, she keeps on smiling... and I really look up to her for being such a strong person, inside and out! We've visited Karen a number of times, but after looking for pictures to share here... I realized that it has been too long since our last visit!! Once this snow melts we will have to plan another visit ;)

p.s. I hope you have a photo of you as a cleaning lady for Halloween. That is priceless! (and can you believe we've known each other for almost 10 years?? is that right?!?)


Janelle said...

Hey... I know her! :)

I love your "Meet this person" segments!

Rorie said...

Me too! Well, I don't know her in person, but from online as well. :)

Judy said...

Great segment! I didn't realize it's been almost 10 years!

Anonymous said...

you have a beautiful family! Bless all of you ^^

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