he said. she said. he said. reveal 1.

here it is!
the first reveal to our he said. she said. we said. questions :)

dave's answers are in red.
mine in black.
(you probably could figure that out own your own...)
you can tell why i blog and dave does not;)
thanks for being a good sport dave.

-will there be more little jen's or dave's running around in the future :)

Hmmmm.. This seems to be the question that everyone would Love to know ;)

well, if you’ve been reading around here long enough, you may remember a similar answer right here (answer #3 on this page). that answer is still pretty accurate my end of things. we shall see!

-What is the favorite part or your day? Least favorite? Why.

favorite: Movie nights with my sweetie girl because it reminds me of when we were in high school

least: getting up at 6 am every day of the week because id like to sleep in and i cant

My favorite. (besides bedtime…) When dave comes home from work. Im ready for some adult conversation and an extra set of hands.
My least favorite. Those times when ¾ of the kids are whining about something. Or a weekend day without dave.

-If you had a chance to choose a different profession- what would it be?

Fly fishing bum working at a small fly shop in the hills of some small town out west or a professional hockey player

It’s so hard for me to imagine doing anything other than what I am doing right now. Maybe a nurse, or something to do with children's literature. Or a party planner. Or a chef/baker.

-Do you have any lovey nicknames for each other? Or silly?

Sweetie girl

I call dave, sweetie boy. Or boyfriend :) or dork ;)
He calls me sweetie girl. Or sweetie

-What was your most memorable early date?

Because we stated dating in high school we had lots of group outings so I cannot remember our first date by our selves

We really didn’t have 'real' dates. We just hung out and watched movies. Or went to the mall. We were young. The most memorable 'dates' were our dances and proms :)

-What was your first impression of each other, the first time you met?

Jen first saw me at the hockey rink and didn't belive that I was a hockey player when I saw her I thought she was cute

The first time I saw him I thought he was cute. Really cute. (I love to tell this story) It was at the ice area after a high school hockey game (of course) he was sitting at a table eating a personal pan pizza, wearing his letterman’s jacket and a black skull hat. I asked a friend who he was and he told me ‘oh that’s dave h…’ and we argued whether or not dave was on the hockey team (as I knew allllll the players). I didn’t think dave was on the team, but turns out he was a freshman that I had overlooked ;) that’s the 1st time I saw him. I think I met him that night, or maybe the next weekend? But when I officially met him I thought he was very nice and kind, and of course, cute :) And the fact that he was a hockey player put him on the top of my list. I always said I’d marry a hockey player… little did I know as a sophomore in high school that I had met my husband at the ice rink!

Not sure what he thought of me, he had a crush on one of my friends ;)

Answers to more questions later....

Happy Valentine's Day!


Rorie said...

Love those answers. Such a fun story about how you guys met. :)

Krysty said...

I love the meeting story too! And the picture is too hot! :-) Gotta love the prom pics!

Tammy said...

How cute! And so much fun to read. I loved that he played right along :)

rmeyfe said...

So you are a year ahead of Dave in high school? How cute are you two!!

Sam said...

Add me to the, "loved the 'how we met' story" list. Double-takes are always so much fun to read. Looking forward to more.

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