My Life People (Me- Part 2)

Part 2 of My Life People... questions to me :)

1. If you could go any where, Where would you go?
The beach or maybe a cruise. Yes, a cruise and the beach. A cruise for the unlimited food, and the beach, well, for the beach! (Now, that does not give anyone permission to surprise me with these things just because I said I wanted to go. That’s a hypothetical answer people.)

2. What is the one TV show that you just HAVE to watch every week?
Ohhhh…. I have several that I watch, but this year…. GLEE is the one show that I HAVE to watch every week :) LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

3. Do you think you will have any more babies?
This is a question that I ask myself pretty much on a daily basis (and can discuss this matter non-stop, so this may be an extremely long answer). There are literally days when I wish I could have 10, and days when I wonder what in the world I was thinking having 2.

I’ve often joked (but maybe I really should do this…) that I need to put a tally sheet by my bed, and each night make a mark on the YES side or the NO side, and see which one wins. Being a parent is the most challenging job in the world, but also the greatest thing in the world. It's not easy, but it is wonderful.

I am so happy with the 2 we have been blessed with, but in my heart I don’t quite feel like I am done. We are getting to the point where things are a bit ‘easier’ (in some ways… harder in others) and going back to the newborn stage of life would be rough… but then I think “If we are 2/3 done… then that is a good thing.” We are still young, so even if we had another we’d still be fairly young by time everyone was out and on their own, which is nice. And I'm not overly concered with the age gap(s) like we were the 2nd time around.

Then there are finances… blech. It takes a lot to raise a child. And you all know how I am with money. I have issues. But then I think… “Well, we do have one of each, so we’d have clothes for the next one.” Then I worry about all the extras… co-pays, soccer, school photos, pumpkin patch fees, birthday parties, friends’ birthday parties, all of that stuff. Times 3. But we live frugally anyways… I will still shop at garage sales, still welcome hand me downs, still shop the sales with coupons… whether we are a family of 4 or 5. And if having 3 means they only get to do 2 extra curriculars instead of 3, well, then that’s the way it goes. In our family you don’t always get what you want anyways. We won’t get to go to Disney world or the beach every year no matter how many kids we have, we wont be driving the newest cars, or wearing the newest clothes no matter what. And not even because we can't, but because we choose not to. So I really can’t let money be the sole reason for not having another… though it is a good thing to consider.

My biggest thing… I don’t want to be 50, or even 40 for that matter, and wish that I would have had another. Deciding not to have a 3rd, and truly wanting a 3rd, is a regret that I do no want to live with, so it is a very big decision for us. But being a Mom is my life, the best thing that I've ever been priviledged to do, and I want to be happy :)

So to answer the question :)… we aren’t sure yet. It isn’t a for sure no… (as in, Dave has not begged for any elective surgeries). But it is not a definite yes either. Sometimes I wish (I know, be careful what you wish for…) that I wasn’t such a planner, such a thinker outer, and that I’d just let things happen and be ok with it. Darn birth control and responsibility.


Rorie said...

I feel you on that major decision. It's such a tough one.

arminda said...

So I could've written the whole third question response. It's no secret we want to adopt for our third but I'm getting anxious. Obviously we'll need to get into the house and settle (both dust and finances) before going down that road. John just turned 37 and I'm *ahem* 34, I don't want to wait forever. I'm afraid we'll get to the point where the timing is right but maybe the money won't be, or something else, and we won't be able to adopt...and then we are too old to try and get pregnent again. We needed help to get the boys so we are sure we'd need it again. I'm like you, I don't feel like we're done just yet. I feel like there is a third little person missing from our dinner table. I also desperately want a girl. :) John, he wants to adopt for sure, not sure he'd want to go through the business of having one of our own again. ::sigh::

I like your idea of putting the tally sheet next to your bed. Hmmm....

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