My Life People ~Meet Heather!~

Welcome to the first official segment of My Life People... starring Heather Breuninger!
I asked Heather 5 questions... and here are her answers ;)
1.How do you know me?
family :)

2.You get to eat out tonight. Where do you go and what do you order?
lone star. filet, medium rare, lettuce wedge with blue cheese and cheese fries, both ranch and texas ranch. YUM!

3. Who would you invite to do an in home concert?
david grey. L O V E love him!

4. If you could go any where, Where would you go?
any white sandy beach where the water is so clear you can see through it for miles

5. Tell me 5 of your positive addictions.
(im not sure they are all positive.. but they arent terrible either) scrapbooking, farkle (game on facebook), chipotle, taking pictures and getting in shape (I just started almost 2 months ago with a trainer and im addicted now.. )

Check out the site to Heather's store!!

My notes on Heather:
Technically... Heather is my cousin-in-law? My aunt's husband's niece. Whatever that is :) Family sounds good to me ;) Heather has the.best.eyes. Gorgeous. And a wonderful smile. I have never seen her without a smile and a cheerful attitude. She has a beautiful daughter who has that same smile :) Heather just opened her own store (see link above) and I admire her so much for that!!
ok... i'm off to see if i know who david grey is :)
have a wonderful weekend!!

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