friday night

it's friday night.
we are loads of fun.

the kids are in bed.
i'm working on some orders.
dave is painting trim.

it's cold outside.
i'm trying to get in the halloween mood.
decorationg the house a bit.
and making cookies.

something strange happened to this one.

these are my 'new' little ones.
the one in the middle was the cookie culprit.
speaking of little ones...
remember these cuties?

not so little anymore.
they are losing teeth.
and going to kindergarten.
so hard to believe.
and lastly, and so unrelated to anything above... just had to share this fun apron i made for wearing to craft shows. it's made from an 'old' pillowcase. (i say old because we still use those sheets, but they are old enough that i didn't mind using it, and letting them go without matching pillowcases)
the pose makes me laugh. guess my 5 year old photographer knows how to make me smile :)

have a great weekend everyone!!

1 comment:

ali said...

Love the owl!!!

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