My Life People ~Meet Jen!~

Welcome to the second segment of My Life People!
Today... meet Jennifer McWhirt!
(my what a lovely name...)
Here are Jen's answers to the 5 questions I asked ;)
1. How do you know me?
Scrapbooking... we met online when I got my very first design team spot and Jen was already one of the members.

2. If you had to guess right now what do you think your children are going to grow up and become for their professions? and why?
Ian (age 7) = I would say he would grow up to become a either a vet or the next George Lucas. Either way I am good! He has taken up this love of all things cute and furry lately and since I told him we couldn't own them all he thinks being a vet would be cool cause he could play with them all day long. And the next George Lucas because he loves to draw comics of stormtroopers and Indiana Jones and things like that!! I think he has the imagination for it and it would be really a cool job.

Evan (age 4 1/2) = I would say engineer. He can build anything out of legos and loves to do so. And I am not talking about following the directions but seeing a picture and building something and then coming to show me what it is. I love that.

With their daddy being in the army though, it will be interesting to see if either of them join the military.

3. What sort of theme party would you host?
I would love to have all Ian and Evan's little friends over for a Halloween party and go all Martha Stewart on the back deck. You know cause on Halloween night here in Texas it will still be in the 70s or 80s!!

4. What is your idea of a perfect date night?
Kids with my parents or Darren's parents (so I don't have to pay for a sitter) while we go to a movie and maybe even dinner! This doesn't happen very often being as my parents live 18 hours away and my inlaws 12 hours away. Date night normally consist of taking the kids out to see a movie and dinner. Oh well, it isn't perfect but it is all still good and how many gals get a date with 3 handsome guys at once!!

5. Tell us 3 songs most played on your playlist?
Let it Rock by Keith Rudolf, Jump by the Flo-Rida, and Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas. They are good songs to run to.

Check out Jen's blog ... http://rmeyfe.blogspot.com/

My notes on Jen:
While I have yet to meet Jen in real life... I feel like I've known her forever! I am so in love with her scrapping style... every time I see one of her layouts, I wish mine were just like hers :) (Browse around on her blog for a bit, and you'll see what I mean!) I am also totally envious of Jen's new kitchen ;) And the fact that she recently participated in her very first race!!! wtg Jen:)

ok... gotta get get :)
(i need to add that to MY playlist!)


rmeyfe said...

I love that song -- good one to run too!
Thanks for having me as a guest on your blog!! :)

lisa said...

Oh what a great day for me to peek at my neglected blogroll!!! I just {♥} Jen McWhirt to pieces!!! Great little interview Jen(s)!!

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