my kind of day.

today was my kind of day.

dave made pancakes and eggs for breakfast.

i jogged a mile.

made a gift.
and worked on cleaning up the office.

made cincinnati chili and christine's sweet chili for lunch.
and garlic cheese bread.

dave and his buddy brought home a HUGE truckload of mulch.
the big guys did the heavy labor.
i weeded.
the kids followed the big guys around.
here is the before mulch picture.
including our newly painted door.
($1.50 mis-tinted paint. yay!)

and the after mulch picture :)then we trounced around town looking for curtains and a rod for the eat in area.
im so indecisive :(

then dinner.
leftover buffet :)

then... pumpkin carving.

just drained the pumpkin seeds for drying and roasting.

we have a busy week coming up.
the next pictures may be halloween costumes!

ok... off to sort and put a billion scrapbook pages into albums!

have a wonderful week :)


ali said...

You are amazing! It would take me a week to do all of that! Wow!!!

Jen said...

Do you have a good Cincinnati chili recipe? I always resort to buying cans of Skyline when we are in town...which is not a very convenient solution since we live many states away!

Jen said...

I LOVE your red door. So cute!

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