he said. she said. we said.

I’m not too big into Valentine’s Day.
Maybe it was the years of working at Hallmark in college?
Maybe it’s just another holiday in which we are lured to spend more money?
Maybe I’m still burnt out from Halloween… and Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and New Years?

Or maybe it’s because I don’t love the idea of pin pointing one specific day to make someone feel special. Shouldn’t every day be about making someone feel special? I think so.

Dave and I have already decided on no gifts this year.
Just a ‘date night’.
Which means dinner and a redbox movie after the kids go to bed.
Though maybe for dinner we will have something a bit more fancy than Subway or Arby’s. Since it is Valentine’s Day and all.

In recognition of Valentine’s Day I will be doing a new mini-series of ‘he says/she says’ posts. And when I say I… I mean we.

You get to determine the mood of this series.
Because you get to ask the questions.

Questions about us.
Questions about our life together.
Questions for us to answer about each other.
Ask one. Ask a few.
Get creative.
Dave and I will each answer your questions.
And we will share here.




What do you want to know about US?

Just keep the questions within reason people ;)
This blog is rated PG.

Check back on Valentine's Day to get some answers :)
(and if no one plays along… I’ll make up my own questions!)


April said...

will there be more little jen's or dave's running around in the future :)

Lesley said...

What is the favorite part or your day? Least favorite? Why.

If you had a chance to choose a different profession- what would it be?

ali said...

Do you have any lovey nicknames for each other? Or silly?

What was your most memorable early date?

Rorie said...

What was your first impression of each other, the first time you met?

denise said...

What quality do you admire most in one another? Which quality can be annoying?

Anonymous said...

"pin pointing one specific day to make someone feel special" it should be everyday we get chocolates, flowers, cards and our man kissing up to us :D jj Thanks for sharing! Was an interesting read!

Anonymous said...

I have one better.. I think you should do a video of you two interviewing each other. I would love to see the raw footage of the surprise questions and answers.. just a thought..


ps no advance heads up on the questions!! :)

Anonymous said...

What was your favorite date you went on together?

How did Dave ask you to marry him?

How often do you tell each other
"I love you?"

I like this game.... fun!!!

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