he said. she said. we said. reveal 2.

where has february gone?
i know its a short month. but still.

dave sent me his answers to these questions on the 15th.
i havent read them yet.
but i do know that he laughed at most of his answers.
so i look forward to reading them.
or not.

dave's answers are in red.
mine in black. -What quality do you admire most in one another? Which quality can be annoying?

There are many qualities that I admire about Dave, but the one that stands out the most is his confidence. Annoying? Just one? He isn’t the most sensitive person in the world. Or patient. But I do love him as a whole :)

I admire that that she is the complete opposite of me. This quality can be annoying as well.

-I think you should do a video of you two interviewing each other. I would love to see the raw footage of the surprise questions and answers... just a thought..

Good thought Heather ;) I mentioned it to Dave but he didn’t seem interested. I’ll blame it on him this time, but maybe another time we will do some video answers :)


-What was your favorite date you went on together?

I loved all 3 of our proms. Getting dressed up super fancy, going out to eat, then dancing all night. I love to dance :) Not that I’d want to recreate any of that now… but back then, those were some of my most memorable dates.

We really did not go on to many so called dates. But the proms were fun.

-How did Dave ask you to marry him?

By slamming the door in my face. No that isn’t how he asked, but I did get the door slammed in my face earlier that evening when I came home from work early and I wasn’t supposed to come in yet. It was Christmas Eve 1999 (or was it 98? is it horrible that I don't remember?) and we (Dave, my sister, and I) had just gotten back from Christmas Eve service and were getting ready to head down to his parent’s house to celebrate Christmas with both of our families. When I came downstairs Dave was standing in the front room and I said… “I have to pee.” Which I did. So I went to the bathroom. (For real… that’s what happened.) When I came out he was by the Christmas tree. Under the tree were a dozen red roses. I said something to the tune of… “oh thanks sweetie!” and I gave him a hug. He then said… “Look at them.” So I looked closer and saw my gorgeous engagement ring tied to one of the roses. We were hugging and he asked me to marry him, then he kneeled and asked me again :) I must not have answered the first time ;) But I did say yes :)

I took her to McDonalds and asked her at the front counter while she was ordering a 6 piece chicken nuggets. She of course said yes...

-How often do you tell each other "I love you?"

Every day. Several times a day. In the morning when he leaves for work. On the phone. Over email. Before we go to bed. Random moments in between. And we even mean it most of the time too ;)

I tell her that I love her as much as I can


Rorie said...

I love your different versions of how he asked you to marry him. For some odd reason, I'm a bit more inclined to believe your version. :)

Tammy said...

Cute! And I also got a chuckle out of the chicken nugget answer :) That top picture is a crack-up!!!

Love.Peace.Happiness said...

Thank you for checking out our blog ... I have updated and I am finally getting the whole concept. I have added some buttons; found a a great blog that I downloaded the layout and really liking how it looks. I am hoping to use it more and Facebook less. I am hoping to use it as a means of keeping track of our daily life!!! Love, Peace and Happiness to you and yours!!


Katie said...

LOL too cute! I love these photos dave's hair is perfect.

arminda said...

HAA!! Too funny! Love the proposal stories haha. And LOVE the hair! ;) Um did I miss the 2nd reveal though?

Swedish Mama said...

Thanks for the peak into your life, loved it all.

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