conversation with daddy

(conversation overheard between miss lilly and her daddy the other night)

L: Hey daddy. If you can’t read this number I get your ipod.
(shows dave a paper with this number that she scrawled out…)


dave studies the number.

D: I’m not sure what the number is past a trillion.

L: I know. A Lillian.

I'm not sure what's cuter.
a. Her saying that a 'Lillian' is a numerical amount.
b. The fact that she already knows how to fix a scenario so that the stipulation works in her favor ;)

a is cuter.
but b is pretty smart ;)

p.s. I’m just sick. Nothing other than that.
(and im feeling better now anyway… )

p.p.s. big change = dave started a new job this week.
(which apparently only seems to be a huge deal to me. no one else really even flinched.)


Grandma Fin said...

A LILLIAN !! What a great responce!
Now I too know what a number with 22 zeros is. Thanks Lilly. Maybe she should pass that information on to the government because the dollar amounts they are working with are getting up there and they will need to name those numbers.

Sam said...

A new job? I'm with you, that's a big deal. You'll have to fill in the details.

Jen said...

BOTH are cute! : ) So did she get the ipod? Ha ha

denise said...

such a cute story!!!!

thanks for the clarification in the ps!

Rorie said...

Yeah, the new job would be big news to me too. Hope he enjoys it!
Too cute and funny about the "Lillian." I'm going to have to start using that term. :)

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