weekends :)

i love good weekends.
(and a few good things earlier in the week)

WEDNESDAY: got our taxes done... getting money back, yay!

THURSDAY: picked up our new pre-loved exercise bike, yay!

FRIDAY: surprised the kids and took them to Disney on ice... LOVED it. it was so good :) makes me want to go to Disney that much more.
it started with an 'ice making machine'... as they called it.
cohen was not having that. its a zamboni you know.
(well, technically its an ice resurfacing machine... we will tell him that later)now treat yourself to some GORGEOUS pictures of the show on my friend Arminda's blog.
we were there separate nights, but i think we had the same seats ;)

SATURDAY: a trip to the post office, 2 banks, 2 grocery stores,
girl scout cookies are here!!getting snacks ready for ladies night :)
(i think i need this apron to match my sweater ;)BUNCO with the girls!
(they teased me for not taking pictures to post here... next time ;)SUNDAY: a great church service, a bunch of LBE orders,
Willy Wonka the musical with BradyRaising Cane's dinner after the show... yum.
picked up our new pre-loved treadmill, yay!
i love the weekends ;)
i love anyday really... as long as they are good days.
and even the not so good days i am glad to have.
have a great week!


Rorie said...

Disney on Ice looks like so much fun. Maybe someday.
And Bunco is so fun! I'm going this Thursday, in fact. Good times with good friends. Gotta love it. :)

arminda said...

It does look like we had the same seats! :) And I LOVE me some Raising Canes!! ANNNNND I have that apron!!! Not the one in the pic but the one you are wearing, minus the awesome embroidery of course. ;) I LOVE it. I wear it every day. In fact, Mase just saw your pic and said "that you mommy?" hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

We have the Bunco game and also played it this weekend with my 10 year old niece. KarenR

Tammy said...

I'm going to need one of those cute aprons ... seriously. And now I want some Raising Cane's too!!

Jen said...

Oooo DIsney! Oooo Girl Scout Cookies!!! : )

I think we are going to Disney on Ice later this week. I'm pretty excited - it is not the type of thing we'd normally do but it is exactly the type of thing that I always want to do!

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