My Life People ~Meet Katie!~

the 8th segment of My Life People is here!
the one...
the only...
(or as i like to say in my head... katie j :)

I sent Katie her questions:
1. How do you know me?
2. Tell us how to make the perfect sandwich
3. What is one life long goal you hope to accomplish?
4. What are you the queen of?
5. Tell me 5 things recently crossed off your to-do list?

and here is what she sent back ;)

Dear People in Jen's Life:
I'm also a person in Jen's life. I started to do my questionnaire and decided my answers were a little bit boring - scrapbooking friends, I don't like them, go to the olympics, queen of talking, to-dos - status report, actuals and estimates, laundry, lunch with jill and dishes - are you sleeping yet? I know I am right - not that these aren't great questions but my answers really are nothing special right? So I thought to myself what can I do to jazz this up? (insert thinking katie here)

And it came to me I could write you a letter and tell you about myself. So let's get this underway shall we...

I should probably talk about what I do first - my business cards say Senior Consultant but let's be real this doesn't say boo about what I do - I'm a Training Project Manager/Instructional Designer - which means I manage training scope, budget, quality, people and schedules as well as I write course ware for these projects. My job sends me traveling and I spend anywhere from 50-75% of the time working where I don't live - case and point the last 2+ years I've been working in Boston for two different clients.
I live in a little bungalow in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have a red door, a ugly kitchen, a garage studio, and a whole wall of photos. Two of my brothers live with me - the Schreve and Jono although Schreve isn't here much. Soon we will have a new short term roommate. Indianapolis is great city - rich in history, arts and nice people - although sometimes I think it lacks some diversity.
I have fractured my skull, I sent 50 postcards to other Katie Joneses in December, I make lists of things to do, I cannot sing on key or with the right words, I have a celebrity crush on jason schwartzmen, and I will talk your ear off if you let me - literally.

Things I love - gum, bowls, cooking, sewing, taking photos, thrift store shopping, the color green, travel, meeting new people, water chestnuts, god, bare feet, recycling, quilts, learning new things, painting, 90210 old school style, handmade things, markers, bikes, family, the upper peninsula michigan, cupcakes, flip flops, friends, polar bears, scrapbooking, old pictures, rugby, olympics, soup and more.

I hope I didn't bore you to death this got a lot longer than intended. But I think Jen & her family are the BEST.

Katie Jones

My notes on Katie:
as you can tell. katie is fun. funky. fun. creative. fun. crafty. her crafting style is amazing. from her scrapbook pages, her photography, her sewing, her cooking, her thrifting, her love of taking cute feet and shoe pictures ;) just go to her blog people and see how fun she is. 'best of life seen all week'... the name alone is great!! she has fun where ever she goes!! here are some of my recent favorites from her blog. sleeveface (ha!). eggrolls (yum!). postcards to other katie joneses (how fun is this???) as a fellow crafter, i am in awe of katie's originality. her creativity. her spunk. her awesomeness :) she has a wondeful relationship with her mom and siblings. and she has some great friends in her life. thanks katie, for sharing your fun self with me. you make me smile... and want to get my craft on ;)


Katie said...

awe you say such nice things!

sarah said...

the postcard idea is cool...
and artomat?! holy crap! that is the coolest (i scrolled down and skimmed some of her blog) thing ever. there are two in my state! i must go do that! how fun! :)

Jodie said...

Katie Jones is one of my most favorite people in the world. Thanks for highlighting her on your blog!

Over40 said...

Katie is my niece and I just love her!

Janelle said...

KatieJ... such a fun, full of life person! :)

Rorie said...

I automatically think of her as KatieJ too. :) Love her letter to "us." :)

Swedish Mama said...

Wow, I am not surprised that amazing Jen has such amazing friends. thanks for sharing, I am smiling.

denise said...

what a cool chica!
you both are:)

Anonymous said...

I know her but haven't met her in person yet.

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