spring break 2010

our Spring Break...

so far:
dinner at Chick-fil-a
buying a swing set
daddy rolling out the lawn
working the Girl Scout cookie booth
daddy working on putting the swingset together
meeting with friends for lunch
LBE order pick up
new checks in the mail!
pay some bills
hearing that friends had their little baby girl :)
taking a meal to a friend who just had surgery
going to daddy's hockey game
sleeping in (cohen till 8, lilly till 9!!!!!!!!!!)
shopping at build a bear with lilly's bday gift certificates
shopping at toys r us with lilly's bday gift certificates
to the bank

still to come:
make a separate trip (alone) to toys r us
make a bday cheesecake
make cinnamon rolls
make bday cupcakes
wrap bday presents
work on embroidery orders
work on gifts for a new baby girl :)
maybe go to another hockey game?
6 year dr. appointment for the little lady
other dr. appointments (one for me, one for dave)
bike/jog daily
read verses daily

and that's off the top of my head
a nap sounds good.


Rorie said...

I got stuck on the sleeping in part. My brain just can't wrap around that concept. Lucky you! :)

Rorie said...

I should say, MY brain can wrap around it just fine. The brains of my two littles apparently can't.

Swedish Mama said...

Sleep tight little man--reading Mom's blog makes me tired too.

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