cbj time

did you see us on TV?
you probably could have if you were looking ;)

cohen scored us some awesome seats to a CBJ game...
purely with his cuteness. **

we were close.
very close.
these were my favorite seats that we have sat in yet!
(not sure they make them any closer ;)
snow on the boards from the players' hockey stops.
wet puck marks when the puck hit the glass.
we could even smell the players.
(which isn't a nice smell... but it does demonstrate just how close we were.)

smiles and cheering and clapping and dancing through the whole game :)
and we can't miss a picture with Stinger!
(Daddy skates with him in men's league)
Special thanks to Terri and Mr. Crane for such a generous gift of such amazing seats!
We had a wonderful time :)

**we went to visit dave at work over spring break, for lunch.  on the way down the 'loooong' hall... there is this one office with all this CBJ professionally framed photos/tickets/sticks/you name it... it's like a little shrine. (especially to the little man). he always loves to stop and peer through the glass in the door. this time, a very sweet lady (Terri) noticed him admiring all the things and asked if he wanted to go in to see all the things on the wall. of course we all did :) we got to talking, turns out their company is part owner of the team! Then she says "hey! what are you doing saturday night?!?" :)


Sandra said...

How cool Jen! It looks like you guys had a great time...I am sooooo happy for you guys that you got a chance to do that...what fun you must have had and those seats! You can just tell by the pics how happy Cohen was!

sarah said...

how cool! way to go cohen!

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