i finally get to share these!
burps :)
handmade from my snuggle flannel collection.

i made these for my cousin who is expecting twin boys!
i made some for a friend too, but i just now realized i never took pics... boo. (one was even with owl fabric!)

super cute and easy to make!
(i hope they work nice too, you'll have to let me know lindsey and julie!  and julie, if you like yours, i would love to make you some girly ones :)
lilly took this pic of me and said... "you look terrible mommy."
thanks sweetie. you're nice.
im pretty sure this what i normally look like.
tired. and terrible. ha.
and the most recent of daddy's creation :)
the plans are about ready to go and get approved.
hope they do!
enjoy your weekend :)


arminda said...

OK I just found my next project!! :) These are adorable!!

Rorie said...

Ah, gotta love how kids just say things how they see them. Total boost of confidence, isn't it? (For the record, you don't look terrible.)

Love those burps! Absolutely adorable.

April said...

i saw lindsey's and they are adorable!

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