spring ahead

the thing i like about the spring time change?
that it's still light at 7:00.
and today it was warm enough to jog outside ;)
(now i wont have to read the LOST subtitles while im on the bike in the 'home gym' at 8:00 like i have been the last few weeks.)

i put dave in charge of some blog pictures while i was out.
here's what we get...

i think someone likes being outside.
make that 2 someones.
or 3.
better make that 4.

i updated my blogging system.
so i have to get used to my new tool bar.
its all a bit too fancy for me.

tomorrow is st. patty's day.
hello reuben ;)


Anonymous said...

What do you mean your blogging tool bar?

Rorie said...

I LOVE Daylight Savings Time. Love, love, love it. Daylight is my friend. :)

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