2nd snow day

2nd Snow day today.
(in a bit of order this time...)
(and a lot of pics!)

Eggs for breakfast.
Read books.

Ate sugar cookies. Or rather, Cohen ate the frosting.Listened to Glee :)
Did file games from aunt lisa.
Watched the Beverly Hillbillies.
(in color)
Worked on laundry.
(it's still going...)
Had a fashion show.
made BBQ chicken ranch pizza for lunch.
(ill add that to my list of recipes to share...) Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher.
Played some hockey.Made a few valentine’s day gifts.
Got an LBE order (of new product!) in the mail.
In which cohen quickly made friends with whom he affectionately named ‘barbie’.
how do i know this?
well, when i took 'it' to my office...
cohen shouted... "where's barbie?" look at his face.
i think he's in love.
men. geez.Went to goodwill, the mall and target to find lilly some decent -not too much- new tennis shoes.
Had leftovers for dinner.
Ready for bed.

i think tomorrow is back to the real world.
whatever that is ;)
i certainly wont be blogging about my entire day.
that's for sure.
unless you want to hear about diapers, and biting, and runny noses, and time outs ;)
plus... i really dont always take pictures all day long.

(btw... these are all pics from today. lilly just likes to change clothes. a lot.)


Rorie said...

What a busy day. So are you guys completely buried in snow over there?
Can't wait to see the recipe for the pizza. Mmmm.

ali said...

What a fun day! I think I may have to have a living room picnic today.

Love all of Lilly's outfits and both of the kids' sassy poses for the fashion show!

Sam said...

Yes, feel free to leave out the runny nose and diaper-info, we're alright without that info. :)

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