photo shoot

this is my 400th post.
ok... moving on.

we had a little photo shoot today.
and when i say 'photo shoot', i mean 'me randomly taking pictures trying to make them halfway decent' for the LBE website.
i'm no professional, that's for sure.
at least my kids are cute.
or at least. i think they are ;)
and thankfully, 'barbie' has my same exact figure... (ha)
so i didnt have to ask dave to take a picture of me in my new adorable apron ;)
and no, LBE is not carrying hockey jerseys.
the little man just wanted his pic taken too.
how could i tell him no?
if you like the aprons and want to see more...
links away!


Rorie said...

Those aprons are so cute! And those kids are so cute too! :)

ali said...

The aprons are amazing and soooooo cute! Did you sew them too?

Tammy said...

Funny, I'm in the 400's now too! Just saw that a few weeks ago. I LOVE the aprons! They may be added to my next order. And of course, the munchkins look adorable!!

Swedish Mama said...

love the aprons and the young models.

Judy said...

Your aprons are beautiful! Your models are even more beautiful than the aprons!

Janelle said...

Adorable pics and aprons!

HennHouse said...

Your kids are ADORABLE!!

I love the aprons... I'll have to tell you the story about my mom and sewing an apron someday...!

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