My Life People ~Meet Julie!~

Moving right along now to the 5th segment of My Life People... introducing Julie!
I'll let you use your awesome deductioning skills
to figure out who she is ;)

Here are Julie's answers to the 5 questions I asked her :)

1. How do you know me?
I met Jen when Lilly was in my class a few years ago. I have really enjoyed getting to know the whole family. I have had so much fun scrapbooking with Jen. It’s has turned into a great friendship.

2. If you could have any job, what would you really like to do?
I really love my job working with all kinds of children from age 3-8 except for the paper work. So I guess if anyone knows a job that I could work with kids and make the same money without the paperwork let me know. I’m all ears.

3. You can have bottomless gift cards to 3 stores, name them.
This is a hard one because I hate to go shopping. I would go to REI because I could get all my fun outdoor stuff from biking, kayaking, and hiking, Joann’s for all the scrapbooking stuff and Giant Eagle for all the groceries since it’s the closest store to my house.

4. What song would be your theme song?
Teach Your Children by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young Or Times Like These by the Foo Fighters What's your favorite song? I don’t really have one. I love all different kinds of music from Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Social Distortion, Dixie Chicks, The Cure, Brownie Mary (I use to be a groupie when they sang in Columbus) Snow Patrol, American idol singers and much much more.

5. Name 5 things in your purse/bag?
I like to carry a little purse. I’m actually looking for a new one right now. Let’s see Cash, credit card, hand lotion, chap stick and my phone, nothing too exciting.

My notes on Julie:

Julie is one of my newest friends. I am so so grateful to have met Julie through Lilly's preschool!!! (Another reason why I LOVE that place.... have I said that before?) I am so glad that I stepped over the teacher/parent line (and Julie let me...) without being too much of a stalker, to become friends with her! The 1st time that I knew Julie was something extra special was when she brought her kayak into the classroom :) She has proven herself an amazing person time and time again... ice skating in shaving cream at school, coming to Lilly's lemonade stand, her gymnastics class... and then we invited them over for a Wii 'party' and now we feel so lucky to call her and her husband, John, our friends! I so much enjoy my time with Julie.... scrapping (and eating), sharing all kinds of stories about our adorable husbands, my silly kids, and now stories about pregnancy and babies (my old stories... Julie's current stories)! We can't wait till the Spring to meet little Julie or John :) (ps. i LOVE your mix of music and that you are so practical with your bottomless gift cards!!)

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Gretchen W. said...

I love this post! Julie is one AMAZING teacher. This is my first experience with teachers (as a parent, of course), and I must say....I fear that none of them will compare to Julie down the road. Her creativity is endless! Cooper wouldn't be where he is today without her. At Cooper's IEP meeting this year, Sharon joked that it's often harder for the parents to move on from Julie's room than for the kids...I laughed when she said it, but on the inside I was totally in panic mode. OMG. My kid isn't going to be able to take Mrs. Pollard to pre-K, or 1st grade or college with him. Haha! Great post Jen! Julie's one of kind :)

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