hello out there.

Who are you?
Yes you.
You... reading this blog entry.

Nice to meet you.

I’m always rambling on about myself.
My husband.
My kids.
My hobbies.
But I want to know about you!
I want to know about who is reading here.
I want this place to be more interactive.

Would you take a few minutes to answer a few questions in a comment below?

What state do you live in?
What is your ‘job’? (As in… what do you do all day long?)
Any kids? A darling spouse or other in your life?
What are your hobbies?
How did you find my blog? (If you can remember…)
What do you enjoy reading here?
What would you like to see more of?
Anything else to share? I'd love to hear..

And if you do comment here (answering a majority of the questions above) you will be entered to win a little prize. Just something fun I picked up on clearance last weekend. Something I use for creating :) I bought 9 boxes, so I figure I can share one with a lovely blog reader ;)

(I will draw a name Saturday (1/16/10) night, or sometime Sunday (1/17/10), so get your comment added by Saturday to be sure to be included in the drawing!)


ali said...

state - Ohio
"job" - mommy and Pampered Chef consultant
hobbies - reading, singing in choir, scrapbooking, cooking, spinning (bike) class at the Y
found your blog - when you told me about it and I don't miss reading an entry
I love reading about your craftiness and the funny stories about your 2 cuties
Keep it coming - pictures of your beautiful crafts and family, silly stories about the kiddos, your thoughts on life and your mommy moments are all entertaining

Anonymous said...

What state do you live in? Ohio
Any kids?Six niece's and four nephews. Have babysat most of them from time to time.
What are your hobbies?Scrapbooking, reading, crocheting
How did you find my blog? You told me about it in an email.
What do you enjoy reading here?community read books. Our community sponsors book for a period of time. The last book was Marley and Me which I loved. this book is called teach with your heart which have to start.
What would you like to see more of?
cooking with your kids or doing crafts with your kids. Scrapbook pages. love seeing pictures of your family in everyday activities.

arminda said...

Mommy. ;) and aspiring photographer.
Two boys, 2 & 5. and a darling hubby.
My hobbies are photography, astronomy, cooking and soon to be knitting!
I believe I found you through Krysty's blog concerning the auction.
I enjoy your wit, occasional recipes and gnomes.
I'd like to see more gnomes.
I love the smell of PlayDoh.

Debbie L. said...

Debbie...Remember me? Seems like just yesterday we were working together. But no, It's been many moons.
OK, here goes~
State: Michigan
Job: Full time Mom, part time Hallmark employee
Kids:2 ~ They turn 8 on Saturday! Cannot believe that. Hubby: Rick

I love to read your blog! It's great to hear what you're up to. I love all the wonderful stories about your adorable kids. I also am impressed by your craftiness, frugality and creativity. THANKS for keeping me entertained. :)

sarah said...

a. oregon
b. project admin / coordinator for a construction company
c. sigh...no, none of the above.
d. i enjoy it all (honestly). your crafts, your business, your recipes...
e. knitting. sewing. scrapping. hiking. reading. to name a few.
f. i think i found you b/c you found me? you left a comment on mine and i ventured over? i think. not 100% sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

an 18 mos. and 1 due in May
reading and hanging out with my hubby and little guy
Found out about your blog through mutual friend from college.
everything..its the only way i know what's going on..

Hope to talk to you soon,

Allison said...

Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for popping over to The Peanut Stand and leaving a comment. That always brightens my day!

And since this is de-lurking week I will answer your questions...

-I live in NC
-I'm an architect
-My hubby (also an architect) and I have been married for almost 2 years and we have our first baby on the way!
-I love reading, crafting, organizing and DIY projects
-I found you when you found me!

Christy said...

Hi. I'm christy from christynelson.net and I'm a reader. :)


Social Media Consultant, Blogger, Mom (not necessarily in that order)

2 kids (adopted and one w/ autism), a professor husband. I call him Dr. Carl.

Any kind of crafting!

I can't remember how I found your blog but I did and I'm glad.

I love reading abut the crafting!

Sam said...

I'm a banker.
No kids. But 3 cats we treat like our children.
Going on 13 years of happy marriage with my lovely wife Laura. And for the record... I definitely married "up".
I'm a hiker, amateur historian, and I just finished my first book.
I found your blog through my Mom's blog. (Swedish Mama, or something like that.)
I only recently found you, so I don't have a lot to go on for likes, but I enjoy reading about your family. And the wine response to dealing with your kids was classic.
As for stuff I'd like to see more of... well, I like it all. This is a great blog.

Happy to have (cyber) met you.

Love.Peace.Happiness said...

What state do you live in? Ohio
What is your ‘job’? (As in… what do you do all day long?)Adult Day Director/Hospice Volunteer Coordinator
Any kids? A darling spouse or other in your life? 2 darling boys and a caring and compassionate spouse
What are your hobbies? Scrapbooking/Stamping/Surfing the Net
How did you find my blog? (If you can remember…)Through your great advertsing ... An Email from you; I think!
What do you enjoy reading here? Seeing pictures of you and your family and of course your SB pages
What would you like to see more of? More pictures ...
Anything else to share? I'd love to hear.. Umm ... I am not sure ...I like it all! :-)d

Katie said...

Well I'm guessing since I comment more frequently you can answer all those questions about me so I'll just say - Hi Jen!

Tammy said...

Hi Jen! I think you know most of this stuff, but I'll play along anyway because I like playing along :)

Happy SAHM now!!
Two kids - Mason & Emma (9,4)
Awesome hubby Chris
I need some new hobbies!
Found your blog through Missy
LOVE your craft ideas
LOVE seeing pics of your cute kids
I'm a Taurus
I love cheese and chocolate
Starbucks Iced Tea is my crack

Jen said...

OK, I was on a business trip so I am joining in late...but I still wanted to join in!

What state do you live in? Nebraska
What is your ‘job’? (As in… what do you do all day long?) Finance Manager
Any kids? 3
A darling spouse or other in your life? Yes
What are your hobbies? Blogging (of course!) reading traveling scrapbooking hiking. When I have time for any of them!
How did you find my blog? (If you can remember…) Ugh, I don't remember. I'm sure I clicked on it because it had "Jen" in the title - Jens rock! Ha ha
What do you enjoy reading here? Everything
What would you like to see more of?
Anything else to share? I'd love to hear..Um, let's see. I can not survive without Starbucks and Coke Vanilla Zero (OK, I suppose I could....but I don't want to try it!) I hate winter, but I love fall and spring so I guess I have to tolerate winter. And finally I wish there were about 10 more hours in every day!!

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