on hold with paypal.
so i thought id use my time 'wisely'.
and write a post while i wait.

*new stuff up at LBE :)
check out the LBE blog or LBE *new* page.

*more My Life People... coming soon!

*working on a fun 'invented' recipe today... hope to share with a tutorial soon ;)

*dealing with paypal is not fun.

*working on a number of crafty projects, baby and bday and vday gifts :)

*look for a special Valentine's blog project post (it's unnamed yet)

*need to get my LBE taxes done so i can reward myself with a FUN new item to sell...

*more life changes going on in our home

*hoping to help a few friends out this week... to let them know i love them ;)

*need to save and sort and print my december and january pics

*need to print of my next batch of scrapping pics

oh... paypal finally answers.
and now they have to transfer me. again.

*want to make some more cozies

*starting to feel better today (yesterday i was 'sleep all day, go to the doctor, cant taste my food' sick)

*printed and cut lilly's valentine cards this morning

*turned in lilly's girl scout cookie orders yesterday :)

ok. that's good for now. the next post may be more exciting. or not ;)


arminda said...

life changes? hmmmm....

Judy said...

Hi Jen! I made your corn chowder tonight. Thanks for posting the recipe. It was super easy! We haven't eaten it yet. I plan to reheat it for dinner tomorrow (I'm so happy I don't have to cook!). I did a few taste tests and it's pretty good. I can't wait to have a full bowl tomorrow!

Rorie said...

Hey, you have to do something when you're on eternal hold, right?
I love random posts, they're fun to read.
And I can't wait to see the recipe. You make some good stuff. :)

Krysty said...

Ooohh...I wanna hear about your new VAlentine crafts...cards and all! You're the third person I've heard from tonight who was making VDay cards! I need that inspiration!

Krissy said...

That banana bread looks so good. :)

denise said...

hhhhmmmmm life changes and sick?! you have me very curious over here!

btw, the chip richter concert is at our church on saturday and we are going. how random is that?! i couldn't believe my eyes when i read your email!

Anonymous said...

agreed with comments above.. had to say my 2 cents too :) PREGO?!?!! c'mon.. spill it ..

and as stated above, LOVE the randomness :) always..

missing you already..

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