blog fame

lilly's at school and the little kids are napping.**
i get 'about' an hour or so for me time.

what do i do?
laundry? no
dishes? no
clean? no
pickup toys? no
eat? no
sleep? no
watch TV? no
check my bloglines? yes.

im browsing...
scrolling pictures...
and i see the outfit i made for the little lady i watch...
on someone else's blog!!
and not just any blog.

Prudent Baby.

which is where i was originally inspired :)

here is their post... with me in it!

i feel famous ;)
and that feels so nice.

**started writing during nap time... finished, edited and posted later ;) (because my little man woke up right in the middle of my 1st attempt to blog. then we started making dinner, the other kids woke up, snacktime, change a few diapers, take the little man to the potty a few times, get lilly from the bus, unpack the packback, listen to lilly read a few books, change another diaper, mend a bumped head, and so on and so forth... until i had 5 minutes to sit down again)


Katie said...

lol always good to get a little promotion.

HennHouse said...

And why not? That outfit is adorable!!!

Rorie said...

Ah, the life of a mother. So easy and laid-back...(o:

Woo-hoo to you for being famous! With good reason too. Your stuff is adorable.

arminda said...

Wow, can I like, have your autograph? ;) Adorable outfit!

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