hockey socks

cohen has an issue.
his socks have been getting holes in them, in the same exact spots, almost daily... for the past few weeks.

at first i didn't think much of it.
just figured they were the older socks...
you know, the worn out kind.

then i realized that some of these socks were from Christmas.
and they were already getting holes?

i finally figured it out.
see the evidence below:

1. pile of holey toddler socks to be sewn.

2. one 'unknowing' boy. (and his sister who butts in...)

3. the truth of how the socks get their holes.
(and please pay little attention to my fine sports announcing skills.)

this is his thing.
he 'skates' all day long.
(well, not all day long... but a lot of the day.)

once, when i was replacing his holey socks with a fresh untorn pair, he proudly stated... 'skates on'.
im considering sewing him a pair of 'hockey sock/slipper/covers' in hopes of saving some socks.

for all he cares, he is a Blue Jacket.
though i am not sure that NHL players lick their hockey sticks after they score a goal.
i should pay better attention.


Anonymous said...

i have an awesome idea.. there are paper socks, like in surgery, that you could put overtop of his socks. i could give you the site but they are super cheap like $5 for 100 of them.. plus could you imagine how much slippery they would be and FUN!! ...anyways.. just a thought.. xoxo that cutie pie cohen


Rorie said...

Hahahaha, that is hilarious! I love how he falls down so often. I'm sure that's how I'd be on the ice. :)

Swedish Mama said...

Love it, just love it. Thanks for sharing--I am still smiling. Nice machine...

Anonymous said...

That is sooooo funny! He is all boy forsure!! That is Caden, but with a basketball all day long!! He loves to 'dribble, dribble, shoot!' LOL! Too cute. Thanks for posting such a fun video!


Sam said...

Get that boy into pee-wee hockey, and soon. He's a child prodigy. He's got the passing, skating, shooting, even the falling, down to a science.

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey!

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