food and blogging and comments

we watched Julie & Julia last night.
i really liked it.
2 of my favorite things combined.
cooking and blogging ;)
(if you like either of those, i would recommend you see it too)

there were so many moments in the movie where i just giggled. (and dave nudged me several times)
*like when she got her first comment. and then 53 comments.
*or when her husband told her not to blog about the argument they had. (but she still did)
*and how she refers to her 'readers' and the advice and encouragement they give, as if they were her real 'in true life' friends.
*how her mom just 'didn't get' the whole blogging thing.
*declaring that there really isnt anything better than butter.
love it.
so funny we just watched this blogging movie, as i already had the idea to blog about 2 comments i had recently received. neither of which had been posted to my blog comments, yet.

the first, from a friend who replied to my mass 'a new blog post is up!' email. her email made my heart smile, so i asked permission to share. Permission was granted as long as I fixed typos ;)

"I was never into blogs....I always thought they were diaries online. Then, I met you. I learned so much! I was totally wrong and now realize what a world of amazing ideas exist on blogs. not diaries but creativity online to inspire...share and create masterpieces. So I've decided I will quit my job (after we win the lotto!) and make all these amazing things I've been introduced to via your blog and links. The prudent site was adorable!! Congrats on your 'shout out' there too! In reality....I will be at work at 9 tomorrow ....however I am now DETERMINED to scrap AND make J's dress this weekend. :) Happy only 2 days til the weekend....I'm ready. The crafty side of me wants out!"

The second, an annoymous comment that was waiting to be accepted. This one just made me giggle. Whoever you are annoymous... I'm happy to hear you think my blog is on the upswing ;)

"Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!"

Thank you. To all who read here. To all who comment.
And even if you dont comment. I'm glad you are here.
You make me smile more than you know.
And now I am off to accept the annoymous comment to see which post it was on :)


rmeyfe said...

I want to see that movie so bad!! Maybe I will get to next weekend on my girls weekend away!! :)

Rorie said...

Oh my on the second comment!
That movie sounds really good. I love all the blogging references on it. How often does something happen in your life and your first thought is "This would make a great blog post!"

arminda said...

I had no idea that movie was anything about blogging. Now it is on my MUST see list fo' sho! I love blogging! I love that I met you through my blog!! :)

lisa said...

oh that movie is definitely on my want to see list!!!! Thanks for the review, now I'm more anxious!!

Sam said...

I didn't know that movie was about blogging either; wierd. Now I super-real wanna see it.

And as for your blogging... I just found you and am really enjoying getting to (cyber) know you. You're going on my list. :)

Judy said...

Hi Jen! I don't follow your blog often but I do pop on to catch up on it every now and then. I loved Julie & Julia too. I also really love how far you've come with this blog. I hope to blog like you someday! I'm adding you to my blog list. :-)

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