my $100 hoodie.

a few weeks back i got a new hoodie for jogging.
it was on clearance, and i had some Kohl's bucks.
so i got a jen deal.

but the best part?
it has thumb holes in the cuffs.

i was super excited about those thumb holes.
then i learned it had an inside pocket for my ipod.

so, flash forward to this weekend, i was scooping up clothes for the laundry and threw my new fancy jogging hoodie in the laundry basket.

do you see where this is going?
threw that load in the wash friday night.
forgot to switch it over to the dryer.
put it in the dryer saturday morning.
buzzer goes off.
laundry still damp.
run the dryer again.
buzzer goes off.
laundry now dry.
pulling dry clothes out.

and then i see it.

my ipod.
my hand-me-down but very loved little 2gig ipod.
my poor poor washed once, dried twice ipod.

i wanted to cry, but no one was home to share in my sadness.
so i held it in and just moped around the house.

later in the day, i was telling the story to some friends who came over to scrapbook and lilly so sweetly says...

'at least you still have your kids."

yes lilly, very true :)
and i am so glad for that.

but im still sad about my ipod.
sad that i didnt check my pockets.
(because normally i wear my ipod on my armband.)
i normally dont have a fancy hoodie with an inside pocket.

and even more sad that i dont have money laying around for a new one. right. this. minute.
we do keep checking to see if it comes back to life.
but i really dont think that's going to happen.

dave says... 'put it on your birthday list'
but i dont want to.
i already have that list in mind and an ipod was not on it.

and i lost my ear candy too.

ohhhh. i'll get over it ;) it really isnt the end of the world.

but now that silly hoodie wasn't such a great deal after all.


Judy said...

Bummer about the iPod Jen. But does it have to be replaced with an iPod? I have a Sansa mp3 player that I love. It's my ear candy. I'd be very sad if it died. When I bought it the reviews were comparable to an iPod but it's less than half the cost.

Jen said...

How frustrating!! I feel bad for you and hope you can get it replaced soon.

Katie said...

my ipod is malfunctioning and I with I could say I had washed it. But really I have no clue what happened. I know how it feels to be without one though and I miss it.

Rorie said...

That is so sad. I love what Lilly said to cheer you up though. Kids are just amazing.
But yeah, I'd be pretty bummed too.

lisa said...

that is the saddest story! I'm so sorry!

arminda said...

I would not know what to do! Poor Jen! :( My little Nano and I, yeah we're pretty tight. Um where may I ask did you get those yummy looking ear buds btw? My headphones seem to have mysteriously been pulled apart...ahem...I'm sure my boys fighting over them has nothing to do with that either. Anywho, I'm needing something for my ears.

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