My Life People (Me - Part 4)

so i dont know if this should really be part of My Life People... but my dear husband did leave me this question, so technically i guess it should go here ;)

The question... What do you want for your birthday?
i guess i can't ignore that one.

turning 30 was pretty horrible for me.
but 31 doesnt really bother me a bit.
i do hope this birthday is nicer than the last.

i still have 2 months to get there.
but my hubby likes to shop early :)
and mother's day follows shorty after.
so feel free to let this list overflow into May, sweetie boy.

Here is my birthday wish list for my 31st year of life.
in no particular order :)

chamilia April and March birthday stone beads.
the chamilia camera bead :)
a new Vera Bradley backpack.
(i *think* i like the pattern below the best right now.)
i use mine daily and ive been informed that my current one is a bit grungy.
i prefer to say that it is very well loved.oh my.
this cookbook please.
to further my addiction with homemade food.
(which makes running a MUST in my life.)
homemade soup recipes?
yes please.
i'll stop there.
that's plenty.

oh. one more. just remembered.
a new pair of these please.
(arminda... we got them at target the 1st go around)though no need for an ipod now.
we found a used one on craig's list this weekend for $25!
sweet. (who says that anymore? me i guess)

... and this was my last MLP question, so if you want to know anything else, you're going to have to go leave me a question :) and that means i get to interview you too :)


Sam said...

I still say, "Sweet!" Not that my opinion is a ringing endorsement for the continued use of the word, though. :)

Tammy said...

I want the PW Cookbook too! I just haven't got around to picking it up yet. Love her and I love all her yummy recipes! In fact, tonight I'm making crash hot potatoes. They are DELISH!!! Hope you get all the things on your list ... you deserve it!!

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