My Life People ~Meet Sandra!~

The 6th segment of My Life People is here!
Meet Sandra Simpson :)

(I had to share a good shot of her hair :)

And now... to Sandra's answers!

1.How do you know me?
We are very good friends. We meet at the Preschool our kids went/go to, then started scrapbooking together and now are just great friends! :)

2. Name 3 things always in your fridge.
Oh...that is a tough one, I have WAY more then 3 things that are ALWAYS in my fridge, but I will go w/filtered water, Mt. Dew (that is all Stacy drinks!) and ketchup... is there any other condiment???

3. What 5 movies should I (meaning Jen) watch very soon?
Well if that isn't a question perfect for me...the only problem is there is no way I can only pick 5...I swear I tried...so here is my list of the top 20 (or so!!!) in no particular order - and none of these are movies that are at the theater right now, I went with all "older" movies - and just all around great movies that I love - all different types of movies too!!! And Jen, I own all of these movies, so if you want to borrow any of them, just let me know.

Pirates of the Caribean 1, 2 and 3
Oceans 11, 12 and 13 (I LOVE George Clooney!!!)
The Ref
Enemy at the Gate (Great War movie)
Steel Magnolias
Iron Man
Wedding Planner
Batman: Dark Knight
Sweet Home Alabama
White Squal

4. You get a guilt free day… tell me about it.
I would go shopping...and I would buy all new clothes for me and not have to worry about the cost or a budget. I would probably buy all kinds of stuff for the house too, new big screen TV, Wii games, anything really, just not have to worry about how much money I spent or feel bad about spending it...that would be GREAT!!!

5. What is the best vacation you have ever been on?
So before kids, my parents took Me, Stacy and my sister, Paula, on a Cruise to the southern caribbean...it was sooooo much fun. Just the five of us, it was over Christmas too. It was just the best experience ever, the food, the sights, the excursions, all of it. It was just a fabulous trip and we will never forget it.

Check out Sandra with her adorable kids... oh so cute!!

My Notes on Sandra:

I started jotting down some notes on Sandra over the weekend, so I thought it'd be fun to copy and paste them raw right here...

-Sandra and I met through the preschool :) (See I told you I LOVE that place... for so many reasons.)

-Sandra and I share the same type of brain. We think the same way about many many things. You know those people you just connect with, and are constantly saying... "Me too!"? We do that. A lot.

-She tells THE. BEST. STORIES. The kinds that you don't get tired of hearing. The ones you want to hear over and over again.

-She is genuinely funny. Always makes me laugh. She honestly cracks me up… from the list of words she can’t stand, to her 'lack-of-love' for a certain grocery store, glitter, mushrooms, and tomatoes ;)

-She shows her true feelings. There is no hiding it. If she’s happy... you know it. If she’s not... you know it. I love that about her.

-When I'm down, she hears it in my voice. She asks me 'what’s up'. And she really means it. She listens, and asks questions. She truly cares.

-Sandra is so giving. Of her time, her friendship, her scrapbook supplies (like when I need some dinosaur brads), her true opinion, her movie collection :)

-She asks me to help her. She asks for my advice. Which makes me feel special. And I need that.

-She's a tad like me. Check out her list of movies (does that remind you of my song list?) And how about her answer to #4? do you think I could have written that myself? (And she asked me to fix any typos. hello. i am the spellcheck freak. grammer and punctuation, not so much.)

-She makes her own laundry detergent. And gave me the boost (and a sample and the recipe) I needed to make my own too!

Sandra is another 'newer' friend that I am so grateful to have in my life. Amazing how even now, as an 'adult', I am making all sorts of new friends whom I could not imagine my life without!!

(And by the way Sandra, you are not too boring for a blog… but I do know you are a busy lady and you probably do enjoy getting to sleep at night ;)


Julie said...

Great Post Jen and Sandra. It has been so much fun getting to know the both of you. I'm so glad we did that first scraptastic together.


Krysty said...

And don't forget that she works her butt off for our kiddos at the preschool! :-) I'm thankful for her too!
Loved reading more about her!

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