i scrapped {again}

i had a few ladies over to scrap last weekend.
i love a day of scrapping, eating, and chatting ;)

i used to scan my layouts.
see. like this.

by scanning each side of the page.
(or even each corner of the page.)
then stitching them together with photoshop.
they are so much nicer to post that way.
(bigger to see the pictures and journaling better.)

but taking a picture is easier.
and i think less time consuming.

someday i may own a 12x12 scanner.
or not.

i uploaded these last night during the presidential address.
is there anything more humorous than a bunch of politicians who stand to clap everytime they here something that sounds good?
i giggled during the whole thing.

the one thing that kept crossing my mind?
'imagine if we did that at church.'
now that would be fun.
and id be grinning and giggling the whole time.


sarah said...

hooray for scrapbooking! i wish i could come scrap with you :)

and the state of the union...
ali edwards tweeted last night "stand up. sit down. clap clap clap." and it made me giggle. so true!

Judy said...

I'm LOL about standing up and clapping in church.

Love your layouts. "Grin" is my favorite! So simple but the photos really pop!

Rorie said...

So true about the standing and clapping thing. Just sit down already! LOL.
I love your scrapping style. You rock.

Sam said...

The clapping is quite annoying (even for Obama a couple times it seemed) unless you have fun with it like you did. Mental note for next time.

How brave of you to make a 30 page!

arminda said...

I am commenting to say that I love your idea to do that in church. tee hee Made me giggle. :)

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