praying is a constant in my life.
i pray all the time.
for so many things.

thanks to God for all He has given.
thanks for all the things He puts me through (even when I don't like and/or understand it) ...because I learn through Him.
thanks for the people He has put in my life.

i ask for peace.
i ask for contentment.
i ask for strength.
i ask for forgiveness.
i ask for guidance.
i ask for patience.
(and a little more patience please.)

i ask for Him to be with me.
to be with my husband and my children.
to be with a friend whose heart is broken.
to be with a friend whose mother has cancer.
to be with friends who have babies in Heaven.
to be with family and friends who long to conceive.
to be with family and friends who are growing sweet little babies.
to be with a friend who battles with Lupus.
to be with those whose hearts He has not yet been able enter.

i'm not outgoing.
i don't shout from rooftops, or write on walls.
but i do pray.
i pray a lot.


Rorie said...

And that is a very good thing to do. Who else knows you better?

Swedish Mama said...


arminda said...

I really like this. I pray. A lot. I don't always announce it. I don't "shout from the rooftops". I don't pray out loud in front of people. But I pray.

HennHouse said...

This had me in tears... what a gift you give to your family and friends.

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