2009 blog recap

a select recap of 2009, the blog version:

i scrapped at least once a month, just like i said i would :)

hosted an auction, and raised a lot of money for a special family.

lilly graduated from the best preshool ever.

we went to the beach. and. LOVED. it. a lot.
i made a few sugar cookies ;)

we bought this.someone started kindergarten.
we continued to adore this little man.

i started the My Life People series. (look for more soon!)

i began my Gnome obsession.

and also began my love of GLEE.

LBE grew. with thanks to many of you :)

hosted my first Open House.

enjoyed the holidays.

Looking back, 2009 was a pretty good year.
I am hoping that 2010 brings even more goodness.

As for the blog...
i plan on sharing more recipes, more My Life People...
more craftiness, more adventures...
more giveaways...
more stories, more pictures.

Thank you for joining me :)


sarah said...

happy new year jen!

Katie said...

I'm a sucker for a gnome too! I love the recap.

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