class of 2009

we have a little graduate in our house :)
one of those moments were i am so proud, happy and excited, yet so sad at the same time.

lilly's preschool is one of the best there is.
it is truly an amazing place.
(i will actually miss loading and unloading the van of 4 kids each week.)

i am so proud that she was able to be a student there.
we have met so many wonderful kids, parents, families, and teachers over the past 2 years there... and now we are happy to call many of them our friends.

lilly, we are so proud of you!!
you have learned so much.
you are reading and writing and spelling now.
you know how to help a classmate.
you know how to be a friend.

Lilly, Congratulations on your Preschool Graduation!!
we love you :)


HennHouse said...


Krysty said...

Yeah for Lilly! She's always going to be a great student...sweet heart for others and just a great girl all around! We'll miss seeing you there next year!

Rorie said...

Congratulations Lilly! You look so cute in your graduation cap. :)

rmeyfe said...

Congratulations to her!!

ali said...

What a great day! I am having those mixed feelings too! I understand.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lilly! You definitely know how to be a friend! Tony will miss you!

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