since i've been gone.

i'm in a major blog funk.
actually it's just an all around funk.

a few people asked when i was going to blog again.
that made me feel good.
made me feel like this thing is actually missed.
thanks mardee and susie :)

i do want to blog.
i think about things i could blog all the time.
but sometimes i have to try to get other things in line before i give myself time for this.

here's a bunch of stuff that has gone on.
im sure i missed something.
if i did and i remember, im sure ill feel guilty and try to add it next time.

-Lilly turned 5.
-Made and ate cake.
-Lilly celebrated her bday with school friends at W's gymnastics.
-Made and ate a birthday party cake.

-Lilly’s playing soccer (and has scored 2 goals!) -We put our house on the market.
-I turned 30.
-I ruined a big birthday surprise.
-Had a breakdown over the fact that I don’t like surprises, and don’t know why I can’t enjoy my birthdays.
-Still managed to be spoiled for my bday.
-Got lots of bday cards in the mail (thanks to ALL who sent me one!)
-Received a beautiful necklace from Dave and the kids.
-Ate at my favorite brunch buffet for my bday.
-Cohen turned 2.

-Made and ate some more cake.
-Had fun at a Rock Band party where Lilly scored big singing to the Beastie Boys and Cohen rode a flamingo.
-Lilly had her kindergarten registration and screening.
-Lots of embroidery going on.
-Enjoyed a special dinner and dessert out with a very special friend.
-Finally got new glasses.
-Had a very nice Mother’s Day with lots more spoiling.
-Was given a homemade coupon book with lots of things I like… including Subway, camping, scrapbooking, date nights and mommy time :)
-Received a very special bracelet from the boys I watch.
-Have been making lots of homemade food… mac and cheese, granola, breakfast bars, peanut butter, strawberry jam, hummus.

So that's it for now.
Hopefully my next post won't be ages away.

Have a great weekend!!


Rorie said...

Welcome back, Jen! You definitely have been missed.
Happy, happy belated birthday to you, Lilly and Cohen. Wow, I can't believe Lilly is 5 now. I remember when she was born!
Hope you "see" you around here more often. :)

denise said...

so glad to read about the happenings in your family again! sounds like you have been busy celebrating birthdays over there!

arminda said...

Wow busy busy! Happy belated birthday(s)!! :) I meant to email you later today (finally) to let you know I'm glad things went well with your aunt.

I was also gonna let you know we too finally went on the market this week! No showings yet, but we're having an open house on Sunday. I know those don't really do anything but it was my hubby's idea. :)

Glad you're back in the blogging world. :)

Anonymous said...

Jen!! Happy Belated Birthday! I'm so sorry I missed it. I can't believe how big the kids are getting. Glad that you were able to do a post. Good luck on the house being on the market!!!

Trish W.

lisa said...

Very busy lady!! I too have missed your blog! Happy belated birthday! Glad you've been spoiled, sorry you had some rough moments. What a CUTE cake for Lily!!! You may have moved me out of my blog funk...we'll see...after I go make late dinner...and get the laundry change over... ;)

alliehoopes said...

it's you Jen! I want to send you my old/new skirt. Will you tell me where you live? My email is alliehoopes@yahoo.com. Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

I heart your blogs always ;) -heather b

Swedish Mama said...

Yeah for Jen!!! So many congrads due you....30--it isn't so bad. Kids birthdays--what fun to watch grow, learn and develop. I am still smiling remembering Lily telling me I couldn't come to her birthday cuz I am not a kid. (cute cake) Homemade mac & cheese is the best, cooking homemade is so satisfying. Lily playing soceer, great goaling little one. Good luck (and prayers) on the house selling. And everything else....

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