Christmas 2009

Christmas this year, was a 3 day long event.
We had Christmas at our house, then my parents came down for lunch, the next day... to Dave's parents, and another celebration on Sunday.

It was enjoyable, but I am glad to be able to rest.

Christmas morning started out looking like this...

cohen's gift from lilly.
hockey glove ornaments :)lilly opening her gift from cohen.
(a barbie)
(which cohen told her about daily for the past 3 weeks)a new very wanted gift for the little lady :)i love the look on lilly's face in this next picture when she realizes what Santa had given her.

Nugget. Her very own Zhu Zhu pet.
(she tells people that it smells like a chicken nugget. yum.)

cohen got one too... scoodles.
but he is not working properly, so we have another one on the way in the mail!

loving his light up block that i had custom made.
a perfect addition to his bedroom. playing on the Leapster. she already has a few new games on her wish list ;)the little hockey nut.
we set cohen down with the box to his hockey men.
we looked over a few minutes later, and he had set up this whole thing all by himself.
the goalies were in their nets.
there looks to be some sense of forwards and defensemen going on. even looks like a play is in action.
he takes all the players off for the zamboni to clean the ice.
he's not even 3 yet.

then today, i hear cohen saying... "ho ho ho. i santa."
i look around the corner to see this...
i hope the wonder of Christmas lasts all through the year :)


arminda said...

That is so great! I love that last picture haha. Reece was "being Santa" on Christmas Eve. He had a few presents in a row behind him, two stuffed reindeers in front of him and he was saying Ho Ho Ho, jingle jingle. haha He was making Mason "sleep" and would tell him "I know when you're awake Mason!" hahaha. Kids are so fun!! Btw, Toys R Us has their Leapster games Buy one Get One Free right now through Sunday! :) Reece LOVES his!! Well worth the infamous trip to TRU Thanksgiving night! ;) Happy New Year!

Jen said...

I could comment on about all of the photos...our kids are very much alike in the things they like...but then I saw the last one and went: awwww! Adorable!

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