christmas decor 09

so here it is!
the 2009 christmas decor post :)
im excited to share!

here is our main tree.
with all those hallmark ornaments i collected while working there in college ;)
a closer up of the mantle.
with stockings handmade by my grandma.
the print and framing are everyday decor.
but worth sharing for sure :)
they are done by a great friend of dave's.
of course, we are a tad in love with the whole gnome idea right now :) we found a Santa gnome for $2.00.
and those awesome trees?
the dollar tree.
love it.meet our 'elf on the shelf'.
his name is Galleon.
he's a sneaky little elf, and he may just be getting his own blog post before Christmas is here. this is our new advent calendar.
90% off at Target last year, and look how cute!
this may get it's own blog posting as well.
this is what ive been wanting to share the most!!
wall art.
guess what they are??

oh my.
i am so in love with simple. cute. cheap. decorating!!
(and i won those huge snowman a few years back.)
the return of our gnome.
i think this will always be displayed somewhere in our home.
just makes me smile :)
daddy's decorated tree :)
it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...


Katie said...

my favorite is the cohen gnome i think i need a print for my photo wall!

arminda said...

We have an elf too, his name is Oliver. Aren't they so much fun?! :) I love hearing the boys search for him in the morning. I'm searching for an advent calendar this year too, after Christmas of course. Love yours!

a girl in a gorilla suit said...

i LOVED how your boxes turned out...it makes me wanna go buy more! haha

thank you for sharing for decor. it is super cute.

p.s. i have those dollar store trees, too! i heart them!

Jen said...

super cute ideas! We have an elf on a shelf, too. The kids named him Polka-dot Spork! Thank you, thank you for the adorable little bib for Kate. What a fun surprise!

Rorie said...

Such awesome decorations, thank you for sharing! :)

erin said...

I love this post!
Very creative and it looks great in the new house!

Krysty said...

Love the trees and all your decor! Whenever I see a gnome now I think of you guys! :-)
And you must tell the story of the elf...I didn't know anything about it until the other night. A friend told me about the tradition with the elf and I saw a book with the toy elf included. Do blog if you will? :-)

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