He’s a sneaky little elf.
He’s pretty good at thinking up new places to hide.Except for that one night when he forgot to move.
Not quite sure why he forgot to fly to Santa with his report on the kids then fly back to our house and find a new hiding spot before the kids woke up.

{Other than the fact that I am sure that elf must be extremely exhausted.}

He did redeem himself the following morning by hanging out in Lilly's stocking. (Since he upset her the most by not reporting to Santa.) We were lucky and found An Elf on the Shelf early this season. We heard about him last year a bit too late, when he was nowhere to be found in the stores.This is our first Christmas with our new advent house.
We filled it with our mini-ornaments, and decorate the mini tree night by night.
I also put a scripture in each door. A reminder of the reason we celebrate Christmas in our home.now on to the craftiness.

i had an order to embroider 8 snuggies.
it was snuggie central around here.i made dave model them before and after for the placement of the name. (not just to make him feel incredibly uncomfortable.)
'snuggie sarah' had me put some very fun names on her snuggies ;)
i warned her that she may get several of her own next year.

who dey? that's dave. er, i mean... big show dave.then on to the cozies.
these were so much fun to make.
a great little craft therapy.
these are all spoken for.
but once the holiday craziness is over, i feel a drawing coming on.and some embellished clothes for the little lady i watch.
inspired by these.
(see, i told you nothing is really my own idea.)so that is the 1st round of christmas making and giving.
and the reason why we have tons of laundry to do.
and the pots, pans and cookie sheets were dirty for at least 3 days.

happy weekend ;)


Rorie said...

I love that elf idea. I'll have to (try to remember to) do that next year.
I love all your craftiness. And that you share it to help inspire me! :)

Swedish Mama said...

Wow, I am so impressed. Keep up the good work, just be sure you don't over do.

Swedish Mama said...

Wow, I am so impressed. Keep up the good work, just be sure you don't over do.

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