Night Light NYC app

a bit cool.
dontcha think?

(besides that the video is a wee bit chopped off on the right. sorry people. i can only do so much in the tech world.)

wanna know something even cooler?
it's my sister and her boyfriend's app!

(as in... they dreamed it up, and designed it.)

let alone how cool that ad is. (and joe... you are AMAZING!!) (i sang that in my head... btw)

dave had the free version downloaded before I could even tell him about it. guess he already knew :) and then he had downloaded the true ad-free version by dinner time.

it is such a pretty app to look at, and even more fun to see what colors the empire state building is wearing... all the way in the middle of Ohio.

Try it out! For FREE!!

here is the link to the FREE version... for all you ipod/itouch savvy people.

and if you love it (and how can you not?) a non-ad supported version is also waiting for you :)

I am so excited for you Miss and Joe!! I can't wait to see what else you two come up with :)

(and speaking of my sister... only a few days left to win some really cool prizes through her fundraising raffle!)


Melissa Finley said...

We here at Mografi thank you VERY much for your support!
Executive Producer of Night Light NYC :-)

erin said...

How cool!!!

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