past decor

since it's Decemeber 2nd and we are already becoming very Christmasy around here... i wanted to check something off my blog idea list and show a few pics of what our decor was in october and november.

the new house offers lots of opportunity for decorating.
i never knew i was even missing that before.

most of these ideas are not my own.
just great ideas from other people who i am happy share their ideas :)
but of course those ideas are given my own personal twist.
(ie: those candles are from a garage sale.)
yes. really.

the candle holders and shelf are thrift store finds - spray painted black. i turned everyday pictures black and white and gave us red eyes :) and the other pics i found on google images. the welcome sign i whipped up in photoshop.
the plates i made (with thrifted plates).
black enamel paint.
cutout images on contact paper.
the placement of the plates and photos was also inspired, though i'm having trouble relocating that right now.

then. halloween was over.
just like that.
so i repurposed halloween into Thanksgiving.

and now Thanksgiving has come and gone.
and i am excited to share some Christmas with you.


Rorie said...

Love these ideas! Thanks for sharing.

denise said...

ummmmmmmmmmmmm you do the cutest things ever!

arminda said...

I LOVE the plates!! :) I am soooo doing that in my new house! :)

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