My Life People ~Meet April!~

Introducing... the 4th segment of My Life People...
April Poknis!!
Here are April's answers to the question I asked her over a month ago... I'm slacking. (So some of April's answers to questions #2 may be obsolete by now...)

1. How do you know me? I am one of Jen's many many cousins :)

2.Tell me 5 things on your to-do list.
1. Grade the papers piling up on my kitchen table
2. Buy and hang blinds for our NEW windows!
3. Re-finish the dresser we bought from Goodwill
4. Pack up my summer clothes and get out the winter things :(
5. Finish my book :)

3. What is the one TV show that you just HAVE to watch every week?
Oh geez, there's so many! I guess my favorite right now would be Glee!

4. What are 3 things you like to find in your stocking or Easter basket?
1. Scratch off lottery tickets - thanks Dad :)
2. Peeps
3. Reese's eggs

5. What movie could you watch over and over and over?
High School Musical...1, 2, & 3...I know it's silly, but they put me in a great mood :)

April says "I don't have a blog! Maybe I should create one!"
Jen says "Yes. maybe you should :)"

My notes on April:
I was so happy to get to see April over Thanksgiving, along with most of our other tons of cousins :) Seems like just yesterday we were those little people in the photos above! Now we are all grown up, and we need to make sure our next visit is not so far between. April and I share a love for Glee and High School Musical. (And we also share the ability to admit that we love those high school singing shows.) April is a teacher, and I am sure all of her kids just love her to pieces. Our Grandma was a teacher, and I know she would be proud :) Though we weren't super close growing up, and even now we are in different states, it is so nice to have kept in touch and I do feel like we are a part of each others lives!! April is always giving me warm fuzzies for the silly things I do here on my blog, and that means a lot to me :) Thanks April!!! (oh, and Sancho is awesome... Chris is too!)

P.S. Thanks Aunt T for those vintage photos ;) Were we not the cutest things ever??

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